Oysters and Ocean Acidification

Introduction to Oysters and Ocean Acidification
by Hilary Palevsky, Oceanography, palevsky@uw.edu
Audience: Teachers and Students working on UWHS Oysters and Ocean Acidification Module

Content By Slides (24 slides)
3: Carbon emissions and sinks
3-4: CO2 and pH
5-6: Ocean carbonate chemistry
7-10: Calcifying organisms
13-14: How do changes in aragonite saturation state affect oyster larvae?
16: Photosynthesis and Respiration
17-18: Upwelling
19-20: Cycling of pH, aragonite saturation, temperature, salinity, and upwelling
22-24: Future projections

Majority of figures can be found in Carbon and Climate Presentation by Hilary Palevsky.  However these figures are far more informative (more information present within the notes section of powerpoint slides).

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